Planning Travels

Why do I need a travel planner?

  • I can save you money! As a partner with Travel Planners International and Signature Travel Network, I have access to thousands of Preferred Travel Suppliers and all their discounts and exclusive perks, so I can often get you a better deal than you could get on your own.

  • I can save you time! Planning vacations, especially multi-destination ones to places you've never been, takes gobs of time and energy to research. I happen to love the planning part and have resources and experts to help bring your dream vacation to life!

  • I can find availability even when your top choices are sold out! I have access to inventory from Travel Wholesalers who buy up packages and blocks of rooms. If you're trying to book on your own, those rooms look sold out. I'm booking Hawaii right now for October 2021, and many of the resorts appeared to be sold out. But when I checked with our Wholesaler, options opened up!

  • I can offer you flexibility and peace of mind! The pandemic has shown us we need to plan for the worst, especially when it comes to travel. I will focus our planning on flexible reservations, ensure you have travel insurance that makes sense for you, provide recommendations for a Plan B, and be your "fixer" if problems arise before or during travel.

For most trips you'll plan with me, I'm compensated through commissions - at no cost to you. If you're looking for a custom multi-destination itinerary that includes lodging, transportation, activities, and restaurant reservations, I charge a consulting fee that we will discuss upfront.


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