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Costa Rica

The Land of Plenty!

Pura Vida!

You don't just visit Costa Rica ... you experience it! And it's impossible to experience it all in one trip. But that's okay, because once you visit, you will be back! 

Costa Rica gets its own section on our Inspiration page (instead of being lumped in with the Islands of the Caribbean) because it's technically a country in Central America and not a Caribbean island. In addition, it's a unique and adventurous multi-stop destination versus a lay-on-the-beach destination. 


The diversity of Costa Rica requires you to move at least once during your stay, so be prepared to pack light and be adventurous! While there's no shortage of options, the top itinerary combines the Arenal Volcano and rainforest area with a beach experience. And if you have more than a week, I'd recommend stops in between the two areas!   

Stay tuned for more after my second trip to Costa Rica (and my kids' first!) for Spring Break 2025!

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