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 French Polynesia

Infinite lagoons, overwater bungalows, and the ultimate in romance

French Polynesia is the home to over 120 islands and atolls in the South Pacific offering stunning water and beaches, luxury resorts with those highly sought-after overwater bungalows, as well as snorkeling and diving beyond compare. 

Bora Bora holds the honor of being the most famous, but you can take your pick of jaw-droppingly beautiful islands here. Choose from islands that are mostly water like Bora Bora or lush, mountainous islands with lots of adventure like Moorea. The more popular islands will feel very chic, but the prices will reflect that. Plan ahead and save up so you can splurge on those amazing overwater bungalows. They're worth it!


High season and best weather is May - October. My husband and I honeymooned in January during rainy season, and while we had beautiful days, we also had torrential rain. That's a long way to go for rain. Travel time to Tahiti's international airport is around 15 hours from Chicago with a stop in LAX. 

Moorea bungalow.jpeg
View of the Otemanu mountain , looking towards through the palms with hammock and the lago
Stunning colorful sunset sky on the horizon of Moorea, the South Pacific Ocean.  .jpg
Colorful fish, stingray and black tipped sharks underwater in Bora Bora lagoon.jpg
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