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Turks & Caicos: the Vacation of Your Dreams!

Updated: Apr 10

You can find some of the clearest water in the world just a short flight from Miami in picture-perfect Turks & Caicos. Here it’s all about the water – clear turquoise blue as far as the eye can see along with long stretches of super-soft white sand beaches. If you’re happiest on the beach or in the water, Turks & Caicos is the destination for you! But be warned … Turks & Caicos is difficult to do on a budget because everything is expensive, so save up and get ready for that beautiful water!

Turks & Caicos is made up of 40 islands with just eight of them inhabited. Grand Turks, where the cruise ships dock, is the capital, but Providenciales (Provo) is the tourism hub. The most famous Turks resorts are on Provo on Grace Bay Beach - the most gorgeous stretch of white sand beach and stunningly blue water I’ve ever seen. The other islands of Middle Caicos, North Caicos, and South Caicos each have unique natural adventures, but resorts are few – for now! You can read below about my stay on South Caicos!

I’ve visited Turks three times – the first was a day on Grand Turks while on a cruise. After seeing the water and hearing it paled in comparison to Providenciales, we knew we would be back. Seven years later (after several reschedules due to COVID), we finally made it back to Turks!

Turks vacation 2015 (left), Turks vacation 2022 (right)

For our recent family trip to Turks, we splurged and booked Beaches Turks & Caicos, the most popular all-inclusive family resort in the world. But as I do on all my vacations, I stole away from my family for a day and toured many of the resorts on Grace Bay, so I have a good understanding of the range of options.

My third trip to Turks was on my own for an all expenses paid Travel Symposium at Beaches Turks & Caicos. After almost two weeks at Beaches over two different trips, I can definitely call myself an expert. I can also help you compare Beaches Turks to other resorts on the island and share my most favorite excursions so you can experience that breathtaking water!

Left to right: Blue Haven resort, Beaches Turks & Caicos villa, Grace Bay Club

So let's get into where to stay on Turks & Caicos!

Turks & Caicos: Where to stay

Turks & Caicos is in high demand because of that breathtaking water. As a result, it's one of the most expensive Caribbean islands, and everything is pricey - lodging, dining, tours and transportation. In addition, all-inclusive offerings are not prevalent here like they are in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Providenciales has four all-inclusive resorts, but only one of them – Beaches - is similar to AI resorts you’re used to.

Grace Bay is home to the most popular resorts in Turks & Caicos, so I’ll start there with my review. This is not a comprehensive review of all resorts, but instead is an overview of the most popular resorts I’ve toured. I'm including pros & cons for each resort as well as pricing for a family of 4 for 7 nights over Thanksgiving week. Keep in mind that pricing and availability changes by the hour, so these prices are to be used as examples, not as available offers. But hopefully this helps you understand how Turks prices relative to other destinations.

Turks & Caicos All-Inclusive resorts

  • Beaches Turks & Caicos

  • Alexandra Resort

  • Blue Haven Resort

  • Club Med Turkoise (Adult-Only) - not reviewed here

Beaches Turks & Caicos is considered one of the best all-inclusive family resorts in the world. If you're looking for tons of entertainment and activities for kids, especially younger kids, and that beautiful Turks water, Beaches is the resort for you! Planning a trip to Beaches can be overwhelming because of all the villages and room categories. I've toured all five villages - French, Caribbean, Seaside, Italian, and Key West - and have stayed in two, so I can help you determine which village and room category will best meet your needs and budget. And I have a few tricks to help get you the best price. For those of you looking for uber-luxury, stay tuned for the newest village coming soon to Beaches Turks & Caicos - Treasure Beach!

All the things at Beaches Turks & Caicos!


If you want the convenience of all-inclusive in Turks but you want a smaller, more intimate resort (and budget!) and don't need all the kids entertainment that Beaches offers, Alexandra is perfect for you! After the crowds and busyness of Beaches, I really enjoyed the calm, laidback vibe at Alexandra, a "boutique" all-inclusive resort on beautiful Grace Bay Beach.

Alexandra Resort



  • ​Smaller boutique property (90 suites) that offers 1- and 2BR suites with balcony, full kitchens and laundry. They have a 4BR penthouse but it books way in advance.

  • Better price versus Beaches and less crowds


  • ​No kids club or amenities besides pool and non-motorized watersports

  • Recommend splurging on oceanview as gardenview may be a view of the parking lot and construction site


Family of 4, 7 nights

  • ​1BR $7k-$8.6k depending on view

  • 2BR $11k

Boutique all-inclusive at Alexandra Resort!


Blue Haven is a sister property with Alexandra, so you can stay in 1 and play in the other. Blue Haven is NOT on Grace Bay but is on a marina with a small, man-made beach. Perfect for the boating crowd, Blue Haven offers 1-3BR suites with full kitchens and laundry as well as a community good for walking and biking.

Blue Haven



  • ​Higher level of luxury than Alexandra

  • Walkable to shops and restaurants


  • ​Small beach. NOT on Grace Bay

Pricing: Family of 4, 7 nights

  • 1BR oceanfront $9k​

  • 2B oceanview $11k

A boater's paradise at Blue Haven Resort & Marina!


Turks & Caicos resorts on Grace Bay - not All-Inclusive

  • Grace Bay Club

  • Seven Stars

  • Sands at Grace Bay

I'm only including resorts I've toured, but there are several others I recommend that aren't in this review. But as you can see, Turks does NOT have a huge number of resorts to choose from like other destinations, which is one of the reasons you need to plan 9-12 months or more in advance!

If you're looking for luxury, you've found it at Grace Bay Club, a 5-star all-suite resort on a beautiful stretch of Grace Bay. With gorgeous grounds and a peaceful relaxed vibe, Grace Bay Club offers three distinct sections:

  1. The Hotel, adults-only

  2. The Villas, family-friendly

  3. The Estate, uber-luxury.

The family-friendly Villas offer Junior Suites as well as 1-3BR villas with full kitchens and laundry. All suites, pools and restaurants are thoughtfully placed oceanfront to maximize the stunning views. Personal concierge included with all room categories. Grace Bay Club is on my bucket list!

Grace Bay Club

NOT All-Inclusive


  • 5-star luxury

  • Great option for foodies - top dining destination

  • Kids club and free activities for kids and teens

  • Walkable to shops and restaurants

  • 1-3BR suites are spacious with full kitchen, living and dining, laundry, and furnished oceanfront terrace


  • Expensive

  • Family suites sell out way in advance

Pricing: Family of 4, 7 nights

  • 1BR oceanfront $13k​

  • 2BR oceanview $19k

5-star luxury at gorgeous Grace Bay Club!


Seven Stars is a fan favorite because it offers tons of amenities and top luxury (4.5 stars) with usually better pricing and availability than Grace Bay Club. The resort has Junior Suites with kitchenettes and 1-3BR suites with full kitchens, living and dining areas plus laundry.

Seven Stars

NOT All-Inclusive


  • Luxury suites, service and amenities often at better prices

  • Very family friendly


  • Expensive dining, although that's true everywhere, but with full kitchens you can save by dining in your suite at least for breakfast and some lunches!

  • Not as elegant as Grace Bay Club but prices are often quite a bit lower

Pricing: Family of 4, 7 nights

  • 2BR garden view $12k

  • 2BR oceanview $18k

Seven Stars Resort - luxury plus lots of amenities!


If Turks & Caicos is a dream destination for you, but you can't spend $20,000 or more on your vacation, then Sands at Grace Bay is an excellent choice! Sands is a budget-friendly, all-suite 3.5 star property with a beautiful beachfront. Choose from 1BR and 2BR suites with large balconies or screened-in porches, full kitchens and washer/dryers.

Sands at Grace Bay

NOT All-Inclusive


  • Good value on Grace Bay

  • Full kitchens and laundry plus large balconies


  • Limited amenities - one restaurant, tennis court, basic pools, no kids activities

Pricing: Family of 4, 7 nights

  • 1BR oceanview $5k

  • 2BR oceanfront $6.5k

Sands at Grace Bay - the only budget-friendly property on Grace Bay!


On my last trip to Turks, I knew I wanted to experience another resort beyond Beaches, so I booked my flight to include an extra night and started scouting out my options. My symposium was in September when many of the resorts shut down for renovations, so several of my requests weren't available. But Sailrock Resort on South Caicos welcomed me with open arms! I only spent one luxurious night there, but it was so worth it!

Picture-perfect and peaceful: Sailrock Resort beach

Sailrock is perfect for couples looking for gorgeous water and peaceful seclusion. The resort is uniquely positioned between two stunning bodies of water - the calm and picturesque Caicos Bank to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. So no matter where you turn, your views are stunning! Sailrock offers beautiful suites as well as villas with up to 4 bedrooms.

Staying at Sailrock requires a puddle jumper flight from Provo, which is included in the price of your stay. You'll be met at the South Caicos airport by a friendly driver/tour guide. Mine dropped me off by the beach where I was welcomed by the resort manager and uber cool beachfront bartender with an icy cold drink that matched the stunning blues of the water.

Once you're onsite, getting around requires some walking - and you just might be met on the path by a wild donkey - or you can call down for a cart to come pick you up. I enjoyed the walk to the beach but was happy to have a ride back to my suite at the end of the day.

In addition to gorgeous views from both sides, the lobby building also includes a delicious restaurant and bar, infinity pool, small fitness room and gift shop. There's also a beachfront restaurant that serves lunch and drinks.

Sailrock Resort: the path to the beach and a warm welcome with their signature drink

I had one heavenly day at Sailrock and met a honeymoon couple at lunch who I had dinner with as well. There were at the end of their week, and I think they were ready for some company. That's the thing about Sailrock ... it's so secluded that you may get a little bored if you're there longer than a few days. I suggest 4 nights on Grace Bay and 3 nights Sailrock for a romantic vacation. Or if you're traveling with other couples who love the beach and water, then a 4BR villa at Sailrock would be perfect - you bring your own entertainment! I wouldn't recommend Sailrock for kids as there's no kids amenities or entertainment.

Sailrock Resort

South Caicos Island


  • Stunning views, pristine beach and water, natural setting

  • Peaceful seclusion

  • Personalized service - small resort so the staff will know you by name


  • Kids would likely get bored - more of an adult property

  • Requires puddle jumper flight from Provo or Grand Turks - only 1 or 2 flights per day - flight is included in your stay

  • Only 1 restaurant onsite and not many more options on the island.

  • Some guests complained about bugs

Pricing: Family of 4, 7 nights

  • 2BR oceanview $11.6k

In terms of things to do, Sailrock offers complimentary kayaks, SUP, snorkeling, hobie cat, and water hammocks at the beach. The couple I met took complimentary bikes and met up with a guide to kayak the flats and creeks around the Caicos Bank. They sent me the photos below - the water looks unreal!

Sailrock Resort: kayaking and SUP in the clearest water you've ever seen!


Turks & Caicos: Things to do

Remember, Turks is all about that water, so most of your activities will be on the beach or in the beautiful Caribbean. Most resorts offer complimentary non-motorized watersports, so you can kayak, SUP, snorkel, aqua trike, and sail to your heart’s delight. You don’t have to book many extra excursions, but here’s my top 3. They're all popular, so book ahead!

Snorkel cruise to Half Moon Bay I've been to Providenciales twice, but I've done this cruise three times, because Half Moon Bay is the most beautiful beach and water I've ever seen. My favorite option is a private charter, so you can customize your cruise. For me, that means less time snorkeling and more time at Half Moon Bay. If a private cruise isn’t in your budget, the group tours are great, too!

One of three trips to Half Moon Bay! I can't get enough!

Provo Ponies

Provo Ponies is also a highlight even if you’re a novice when it comes to horses. The staff and horses are kind and experienced with beginners. Once the horses hit the beach, they make a beeline for the water. It’s amazing to be in that beautiful water with them!

Glass bottom kayak the mangroves

And if you haven’t gotten enough boating yet, glass bottom kayaking in the mangroves is an amazing experience, too. They even offer drone footage of your tour! Prepare to make friends with lots of turtles!

Kayak the mangroves in a glass bottom kayak


Parasailing can be booked on the spot with any of the vendors on the beach. My hubs and I did it with our son while our daughter filmed from the boat. I'm a chicken when it comes to heights, so I couldn't believe I was so high up, but experiencing those views with my boys was so worth it!

Parasailing Grace Bay

Turks & Caicos: When to visit

Turks is a flat, dry set of islands so it’s hot year-round and can be muggy. You definitely want to be by the Caribbean to enjoy those cool ocean breezes. If you want lush landscapes and diverse terrain like Hawaii or Costa Rica, Turks is not the best destination for you. But if you’re looking for stunning water, you’re in the right place!

High season on Turks is almost all year round with winter being the height of the high season, just like anywhere tropical. The only low season is during the Fall due to hurricanes and riskier weather. However, Turks is very rarely in the hurricane zone. My Travel Symposium was in September, the peak for hurricane season. It stormed one night when I was already in bed, but otherwise the weather was sunny and hot.

The beauty of visiting Turks during low season is the prices and crowds are much more manageable. Standing in the airport security line in Providenciales over Spring Break for three hours versus walking right through in September made me thoroughly appreciate low season!

Turks & Caicos: Things to know

While Turks is international, which means you need a passport and have to go through customs, everything else is pretty easy. Everyone speaks English (with an accent), they accept US dollars, and they’re on Eastern Time.

Turks & Caicos: Help me get there!

Turks is one of the destinations most requested by my clients. The key thing to make it happen is planning ahead because inventory is low and prices are extremely high if you're planning last minute. Book a call with me and we can figure out when to slot Turks in your travel calendar as well as the best resort for your family!


Heather Vergara is a former PepsiCo marketing executive who left the corporate world to be a Mom and never found her way back. Instead, she focused on her passion for travel and adventure and created Show Them the World, a travel concierge service for busy families longing to reconnect and see the world together. In less than four years, she's helped more than 300 families experience Hawaii, Alaska, Costa Rica, France, England, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Spain, the Caribbean, National Parks, and more to come!

Heather has an MBA in marketing from Indiana University, a Digital Marketing Executive Education certificate from Columbia University, and a BA in Journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She lives with her husband, two kids, and two furry dogs in Zionsville, Indiana.

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